In May 2002, we have started our school division by taken over an existing Primary School named Bethania Christian Primary School and change the name to MAHANAIM CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. Later, in October 2003 we started our initial Play Group program. We also implement a FULL SUBSIDISED study programs for our school children that are intelligent and talented but are not able to pay study fee and live in poverty. At present, MAHANAIM CHRISTIAN SCHOOL already has a complete study program from Play Group, Primary School, Junior High School and Senior High School. The building for Play Group and Primary School has been completed, however, the building for Junior High School and Senior High School is still under final construction. You could help to participate by:

  • Providing a fund for the school building final construction
  • Providing the supporting facilities for study equipments (computers, etc.)
  • Providing a professional teachers
  • Providing volunteers to support all kinds of study programs (science, arts, biology, chemistry, etc.)
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